Larry Grossman

Successful Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor and Investment Consultant

Larry’s success as a five-time Founder and CEO has made him a sought-after advisor to businesses in every stage of development. A successful investor in his own right, Larry excels at connecting investors with investment-ready businesses. As the former Regional Vice President of SCORE’s five-state West Region, he helped entrepreneurs access advice and resources to take them startup through growth.

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Learn from an Expert Who Has Successfully Funded Five Companies

The best way to learn whether your company is investment ready is to talk with an expert in sourcing and obtaining capital. Larry Grossman is a successful serial entrepreneur who has launched and secured funding for five different businesses, and then taken them through growth, acquisitions and, ultimately, sale. This is the person you need to speak to about finding the capital you need.

Don’t just make your pitch better.
Make your business better and the money will follow.

Larry Grossman